• Uncertainty Swirls Around Estate Tax

    The Wall Street Journal
    19 Dec 2009

    "The possible expiration of the federal-estate tax has sent the normally staid world of estate planning into a frenzy of activity, as taxpayers try to cope with uncertainty". says the Wall Street Journal.

    We are still waiting to see what the outcome will be concerning the state of the Federal Estate Tax.

    We strongly encourage people to read this article here.

  • Florida Home, Condo Sales on the rise

    South Florida Business Journal
    12 Aug 2009

    According to the Florida Realtor Association, sales of single-family homes rose 23 percent in the second quarter year over year. With low interest rates, lower home prices, this is very good news for anyone interested in the florida Real Estate Market. [Read More Here] (South Florida Business Journal)

  • Tax and Estate Planning Update: Key U.S. Estate Tax Rates and Exemption Amounts for 2009

    Racicot & Associates
    18 Feb 2009

    For the calendar year 2009, the following U.S. estate tax rates and exemption amount will now apply:

      2008 2009
    Maximum Estate Tax 45% 45%
    Estate Tax Exemption $2,000,000 $3,500,000
    Generation-skipping tax exemption $2,000,000 $2,000,000
    Lifetime gift tax exemption $1,000,00 $1,000,000
    Annual gift tax exclusion amount $12,000 $13,000
    Annual gift tax exclusion amount to non-citizen spouse $128,000 $133,000

    On December 16th, 2009, an article on Bloomberg depicted the new proposed legislation. We strongly encourage to read more online here


  • Obama Plans to Keep Estate Tax

    Wall Street Journal
    12 Jan 2009

    President-elect Barack Obama and congressional leaders plan to move soon to block the estate tax from disappearing in 2010, suggesting the levy might outlive the "Death Tax Repeal" movement that has tried mightily to kill it. [En savoir plus]

  • Florida real estate experts staying calm

    Jacksonville Business Journal
    20 Oct 2008

    Florida real estate experts are not panicking in response to the national economic crisis, according to a recent survey by the University of Florida. [En savoir plus]

  • Canadians snap up bargains in U.S. housing market

    The Gazette
    11 Sep 2008

    Canadians have been flooding into the depressed U.S. housing market, purchasing a record number of homes south of the border, and twice as many as a year earlier. [En savoir plus]